Arts & Culture

Art & Culture

Art Galleries

The collections of art galleries in the area strongly reflect the ideals and passions of coastal life. Not only are many regional artists represented, many of the themes and subjects depicted are very particular to life in the Gulf. Here you'll find works of art that draw on maritime history, on Creole heritage and on French traditions.
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In the communities around Mobile Bay you 'll find a number of excellent museums that bring out the rich culture and history of the Gulf Shore region. Here are some of the more notable museums in and around Mobile.
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Performing Arts

A number of performing arts organizations in Mobile and around the region help keep arts lovers entertained. Many of these theaters are community-based organizations that rely on dedicated volunteers and generous contributions to remain in existence.
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In recent years, the music scene in the Gulf Coast region has seen an incredible amount of growth. The community's acceptance of a wide range of performances and ensembles is a sign that our performing groups will remain successful for years to come. A sample of the ensembles in the region:
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